Fuck you

Anonymous asked: Why do you post stuff on Instagram so late? Is it so people see it in the morning?

Lol cause I’m always up late why does it matter what time I upload?..

"I guess our parents stayed together simply because they didn’t have 7,000 other people following them at their disposal when their relationship or marriage got hard. Nowadays when our relationships get hard, we can just log on and get high off this false sense of security, appreciation and understanding. We value our worth based on followers, comments and inbox messages filled with colorful words that have no depth. Meanwhile the person who loves you when there is no filter on your face becomes an option and attractively filtered followers become priority. Don’t lose what is real chasing what only appears to be."

Anonymous asked: Why do you never reply to hate

Why the fuck would I! Id be an idiot to take that pathetic shit. People who say stuff like that and make hateful comments to someone to try and make them feel miserable are just disgusting.

Anonymous asked: Are they Noticable? Or were they once really Noticable?):

Yeah they are

Anonymous asked: Where do you have them? I'm small and everything but I still have them. I'm too scared to wear bikini and everything :( how did you help fix them?

I have some like on the sides of my bum/thigh. I haven’t done anything I’m not fussed by them, I know there is creams and stuff you can buy. Search GelV it’s from America, also follow on instagram so you can see for yourself :)

Anonymous asked: Have you ever had a stretch mark?

Yes I have stretch marks

Anonymous asked: how many boyfriends have you had?

Only 1 

Anonymous asked: are you from corowa were do u work?

Just started a new job at a factory

Anonymous asked: Are you single atm?

Hmm hard to say atm haha things are kinda up in the air nothing is official 

Anonymous asked: What foundations do you usually use then? And how many pumps for day and night xx

Revlon colourstay umm for the day probably one if i think its enough coverage and for night usually 2 and a little extra under my eyes. I like a lot of coverage sometimes so it changes xx

Anonymous asked: how long do your extensions last?

The one I have now have lasted about 9 months :) waiting on my new set to arrive! Babydoll hair extensions is what I wear

Anonymous asked: What size bra do you wear if you don't mind me asking ? :) xx

Hah I wear 10c…

😻 mine

Anonymous asked: Stunning girl, wish I was close with you x

Inbox me :) who says we can’t be close! X