Anonymous asked: Like how did you lose the most amount of weight/tone up best? What worked for you etc. What you did and what you do xx

Well the last time I lost the most weight was last summer and I just tried to be really strict with my diet! I worked out 5 times a week alternatie cardio and weights, pretty much only ate protein smoothies, chicken, brown rice, salads, veges and red meat and fruit for snacks. I never starved myself tho I always eat till in satisfied I don’t make any restrictions like that. But yeah 80% is diet so once you have that down pat you will be sweet xx

Anonymous asked: What does your weekly workout routine look like? X

5 days a week, alternate cardio / weights, dunno how much detail your after x

Anonymous asked: How often do you wash your extensions xx

I try not to wash them to often, maybe every 4 weeks depending on how often i wear them. I always leave a treatment in them too and leave them in the sun to dry or in a warm room to prevent heat damage :) xx

Anonymous asked: If you don't mind me asking but what lipsticks do you wear?

I don’t really wear lipsticks just coloured lip balms like nivea, if i wear lipstick its usually just something cheap haha might stock up this weekend.


chanel-champagne: xox
chanel-champagne: xox

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